Effective Psychotherapeutic Services

Care Patiately INPATIENT

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Our inpatient treatment programs are designed for those who are in a state of crisis or need immediate stabilization of their symptoms.

Outpatient treatment

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We use a combination of innovative treatment with tried-and-true evidence-based clinical therapies along with a progression of care. 

Specialty Services

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We offer a variety of specialty services to ensure that we provide the most effective care for each unique individual. 

Addiction treatment

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Recovery is a lifelong process, a way of living free from the burden of drugs and alcohol. At whatever stage you begin this journey, we will be with you at every step.

Substance Abuse Treatment

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Our mission is to provide you and your family with the best treatment plan for lasting recovery. 

Alcohol Detox 

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People abusing alcohol need detoxification to help them safely and comfortably stop the use of the substance.